Rodger Powell

Chairman, Director, Consultant, Catalyst

Made Simple



When I was young I learned business lessons by starting my first business, a cleaning company. The business was cleaning other people’s businesses and was a success. I sold it and cleaned up, learning that being a success and turning a profit creates many other options.







I’ve learned to find myself by losing myself in far-flung corners of the world. I’ve seen tall mountains and climbed taller mountains. I’ve come back changed with a wider perspective of bringing about transformational change for the corporations I worked with.







I’ve learned how to create results that have created records across sectors, across industries, across the world. One thing I’ve learned that has always remained constant even as new technologies emerge is that business is still the business of persuasion. People have to believe that what you’re doing will make their lives better. That’s the only reason they will bother with what ever it is you’ve got going on.







I’ve learned that spreadsheets measure they don’t create. I’ve learned if you’re going to think, think big. I’ve learned that you get what you focus on.  Focus on saving costs and you shrink a business, instead focus on growth and making dollars.







I’ve learned that strategic creativity is essential for business success. Getting the strategy right makes all of those important tactical questions much easier to answer. I’ve learned that it’s easy to complicate things and that my contribution is to un-complicate them. Make it simple.







I’ve learned people drive corporations. I’ve learned that it’s good to invest in your company’s culture as people keep doing good things when you’re not around. I’ve learned to surround myself with remarkable people, as they challenged me to grow. I’ve learned that you can get by on charisma for a few short minutes. After that, you’d better know your stuff and get on with it.






I’ve learned that everyone likes people who get to the point quickly. People will understand exactly what you mean if you keep it simple. I’ve learned that breaking new ground takes the same amount of work as it does to stay in the same place however the results are very different.







I’ve learned that if you want to improve results, create a better product. I’ve learned that innovation is more than having great ideas. What’s important is how those ideas are executed.







I’ve learned that words don’t teach, that experience does. I’ve learned the value of being the best version of me means people get the best version of me. I’ve learned I’m still learning.

Rodger Powell – Director. Chairman. Consultant. Catalyst